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08 декабря 2018, 20:12

FCC starting to think carriers might not be telling the truth all the time

Huffington Post

  • The FCC has opened an investigation into whether wireless carriers fudged data involved in government funding.
  • The investigation revolves around rural wireless service, which may be much worse than carriers say it is.
  • FCC chairman Ajit Pai says there could be “significant violations” of FCC rules involved.

The FCC said today, via The Verge, that it has opened an investigation into possible data manipulation by major wireless carriers in the United States.

The investigation revolves around a government funding program called the Mobility Fund II project. Its purpose is to give $4.5 billion to U.S. carriers and broadband internet suppliers to help expand broadband in rural areas of the country, where internet service is difficult to distribute and customers are oftentimes neglected.

Apparently, the FCC is beginning to think the wireless carriers took the billions from the Mobility Fund II project without actually following through and developing rural service to the extent they agreed.

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Shocking, I know.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai said there could possibly be “significant violations” of FCC rules and statutes revolving around the Mobility Fund II project. However, Pai did not mention any carriers specifically in the statement.

The agency pointed to a massive speed test review involving over 20 million tests which heavily suggests that rural services are not at the level carriers claim they are.

Pai said, “We must ensure that the data is accurate before we can proceed.” In the meantime, the Mobility Fund II project has been suspended pending the investigation.

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Source: https://www.androidauthority.com/fcc-rural-investigation-932784/